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The Way of Taekwondo LLC - Opened September 9, 2013
Bringing you Traditional Korean Taekwondo
The Way Of Taekwondo - Hong's USA Taekwondo

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The Way of Taekwondo's focus is to teach true Korean Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a way of life, Basically, Martial Arts training builds physical strength and strength of character. Martial Arts is for everyone, regardless of age or body type. And since it encourages a lifestyle of total well-being, Martial Arts training is a lifelong journey rather than a destination.  


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White High White Yellow High Yellow
Green High Green Blue High Blue
Red High Red 1st Dan Black


Testing Requirements

South Korean Flag

High Red Belt (1st Kub) Study Guide


Poomsae (Pattern or Form)

A choregraphed demonstration of the varios kicks, blocks and hand techniques

of Tae Kwon-do, which students utilize with an imaginary opponent or



Kyorugi (Sparring or Fighting)

A practical application of various forms against and actual oppoent.


Kyukpa (Breaking)

Done to practice and illustrate the formidable power, precision, and great

mental concentration of the Tae Kwon-Do practicioner.


Ho Sin Sool (Self-Defense)

The study of how to use an attacker's strength or skill and weapons against

him or her.


Jung Sin Tong II (Meditiation)

For the purpose of concentration practice in order to focus precision and

power, visualize goals, and listen to one's conscience for internalizing

important truths and moral standards.


One-Step Self-Defense

Choregraphed promised fighting at one step distance.


Tae Guek (8) Pahl-Jong

Represents The Earth, where all things exist, where all things are rooted

and grow than die. It is the last poomsae for color belt students.

(27 pooms)