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The Way of Taekwondo LLC - Opened September 9, 2013
Bringing you Traditional Korean Taekwondo
The Way Of Taekwondo - Hong's USA Taekwondo

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The Way of Taekwondo's focus is to teach true Korean Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a way of life, Basically, Martial Arts training builds physical strength and strength of character. Martial Arts is for everyone, regardless of age or body type. And since it encourages a lifestyle of total well-being, Martial Arts training is a lifelong journey rather than a destination.  


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White High White Yellow High Yellow
Green High Green Blue High Blue
Red High Red 1st Dan Black


Testing Requirements

South Korean Flag

High Green Belt (5th Kub) Study Guide


Teakyon & Soobakhi

The predecessor of Tae Kwon-Do


How do we make power?

Power is the product of mass multiplied by acceleration (f=ma). In other

words, the weight of the person times the speed with concentration, balance,

confidence, and yelling produces power.


Relaxation & Strength Exercises

Effective kicks and punches begin with relaxation for speed and end with

tightness for strength. Therefore, we practice each separately and then put

them together. The strength exercise increases muscle tone and gathers

energy. The relaxation exercise develops speed and agility.


The American Flag

The American Flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars

Stars represents each of the 50 states

Stripes represents each of the original 13 colonies

Red symbolizes courage, war, and blood

White symbolizes truth, freedom, and purity

Blue symbolizes justice and ambition


Tae Geuk (4) Sa-Jong

Represent Thunder. It is fearful and sharp, even frightening. Perform this

poomsae with a spirit of sincerity and calmness.

(20 pooms)